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We provide these links so you can be better-informed and as a public service for informational purposes only. These links are not to be considered an advertisement or promotional material of any kind. No endorsement is made or implied. Race dates are obtained from many varied sources and to the best of our knowledge are accurate. However, please verify the dates by visiting the Web site or contacting the race director. These links will be checked periodically for accuracy. Future race dates will be updated as available. Clicking on the links below will take you to Web sites to which our privacy policy does not apply and you are solely responsible for your interactions with such Web sites. 

Please refrain from contributing to the rampant growth of plagiarism on the Net and remember that all content, graphics, and HTML code within this Web site are protected by United States and International Copyright Laws and may not be reproduced, reprinted, published, hosted, translated, transmitted, displayed, or otherwise distributed by any other means without the express written permission of Stephen Vincent LLC.
In other words, please don't COPY FROM me, LINK TO me, as I would to you.  If you have a site, link, event, article or any other type of information you would like posted on my site please contact me.  I am especially interested in listing "unofficial" Ironman distance races and unique Marathons across the US.  I find using an event is an excellent excuse to take a short (three to four day), economical vacation and get a good workout to boot. 
Please checkout my Fitness Links page, as I think you will find many interesting products, events, and general information about running, biking, and swimming and most importantly (at least in my humble opinion) the Trilogy of all three the TRIATHLON.  I certainly don't profess to be that knowledgeable about, or even very good at Triathlon, although Triathlon has proven to be exceedingly good to me over the years!  My point is to present many varied sources of information for every level.  For those literally "just getting their feet wet", introductory Web sites like BeginnerTriathlete.Com and all the way up to the hardcore ultra-distance endurance racing Web sites like EnduranceWorld.Org, RacingThePlanet.Com, and most everything in between.

Local Triathlons (Wisconsin)

Lake Mills Triathlon - 1/4 mile swim - 15 mile bike - 5k run. Sandy Beach Park at Lake Mills, WI.

Elkhart Lake International Triathlon - 1k Swim - 30k Bike - 8k Run. Beautiful setting, bring your wetsuit (usually cold water). Well organized. Elkhart Lake, WI.

High Cliff Triathlon - Long course - 1.2 mile swim - 56 mile bike - 13.1 mile run. Short course - 1/4 mile swim - 22 mile bike - 3.1 mile run. Located in High Cliff State Park - Sherwood, WI. 

Wisconsin Triterium Triathlon - Long course - 1500 meter (1.5k) swim - 25.5 mile bike - 10k run. Short course - 400 meter (1/3 mile) swim - 11 mile bike - 5k run. Fireman's Park in Verona, WI.

Badger State Games Triathlon  - Adult distance - 1/4 mile swim - 17 mile bike - 3.1 mile run. Youth distance - .12 mile swim - 6 mile bike - 1 mile run. Lake Kegonsa State Park - Stoughton, WI.

Southwood County YMCA Triathlon - 1/4 /mile swim - 14.5 mile bike - 3.7 mile run. Great race. Beautiful setting, nice run around the lake. Lake Wazeecha - Kellnar, WI.

Big Foot Triathlon - Two courses. Long - 1.5k swim - 40k bike - 10k run. Short  - 1k swim - 23.2k bike, 5k run. Big Foot Beach State Park in Lake Geneva, WI.

All-American Kids Triathlon - Distance determined by age. Swim 10 to 50 yards - bike 1/2 to 5 miles - run 100 yards to 1 mile. Ages 4 - 12. Bukolt Park in Stevens Point, WI.

YMCA Lactic Edge Triathlon - Two courses. Long - 1000 yard swim - 26 mile bike - 6.2 mile run. Short - 500 yard swim - 17 mile bike - 3.1 mile run. Great event, nice flat run through town. Bukolt Park in Stevens Point, WI.

Pardeeville Triathlon - 1/4 mile swim - 15 mile bike - 5K run. Chandler Park - Pardeeville, WI. 

Danskin Women's Triathlon - 1/2 mile swim - 12.4 mile bike - 5k run. Lake View Rec Plex in Pleasant Prairie, WI.

Lake Michigan Extreme Triathlon - . Olympic - .9 mile swim - 25 mile bike - 6.2 mile run. Sprint - .5 mile swim - 15 mile bike - 3.1 mile run. Super Sprint - .25 swim - 10 mile bike - 1 mile run. Wetsuits recommended. Located at Simmons Island Beach in Kenosha, WI.

Pewaukee Triathlon - 1/4  mile swim - 15 mile bike - 5k run. Downtown Pewaukee WI. 

Ironman Racine Triathlon  - 1.2 mile swim - 56 mile bike - 13.1 mile run. Lake Michigan - Racine, WI. Wetsuits recommended.

Woodson YMCA Wausua Triathlon - Two courses. Long - .5 mile swim - 28 mile bike - 6.2 mile run. Short - 1/4 mile swim - 17 mile bike - 3.1 mile run. Easy mellow swim, hilly bike, and flat run. Beautiful setting and well run. Wausau, WI. 

Ripon Medical Center Triathlon - Two courses. Long - 1k swim - 43k bike - 10k run. Short - .5k swim - 27k bike - 5k run. Green Lake County Park - Ripon, WI.

Pleasant Prairie Kid's TriathlonJunior Division (ages 7-10) - 100m Swim - 4k Bike - 1k Run. Senior Division (ages 11-14) - 200m Swim - 8k Bike - 2k Run. Located at Prairie Springs Park in Pleasant Prairie, WI.

Pleasant Prairie Triathlon - . International Distance Triathlon - 1.5k Swim - 40k Bike - 10k Run. Sprint Distance - .75k swim - 20k bike - 5k run. Located at Lake View Rec Plex, Prairie Springs Park, Pleasant Prairie, WI.

Manitowoc-Two Rivers YMCA Triathlon - 1/4 mile swim - 16 mile bike - 3.1 mile run. Manitowoc, WI.

Waupaca Triathlon - 1/2 mile swim - 20 mile bike - 3.1 mile run. South Park - Waupaca, WI.

St. Croix Valley Sprint Triathlon - 1/3 mile swim - 10 mile bike - 4 mile run. Another great first-timers event. Lake Front Park in Hudson, WI.

St. Croix Valley International Triathlon - 1 mile swim - 24 mile bike - 6 mile run. Lake Front Park in Hudson, WI.

Wolfman Triathlon - 3.5 mile whitewater paddle - 14 mile mountain bike - 3 mile trail run. Langlade, WI. 

Lake Geneva Triathlon - Four different events. Half-Ironman - 1.2 mile swim - 56 mile bike - 13.1 mile run. Olympic - 9. mile swim - 25 mile bike - 6.2 mile run. Sprint - .5 mile swim - 17 mile bike - 3.1 mile run. Super Sprint - .25 swim - 17 mile bike - 1 mile run. Wetsuits recommended. Hilly run course. Fontana Beach (Reid Park), Fontana, WI.

Ironman Wisconsin - 2.4 mi Swim - 112 mi Bike - 26.2 mi Run. Calm swim, scenic hilly bike, urban run, great support and plenty of spectators. Madison, WI.

         - Wisconsin Ironman Training Camp in Madison, Wi.  Train with  the pro's on the race course 

Devil's Challenge Triathlon - 1/4 mi Swin - 15 mi Bike - 3.1 mi Run. Great race location. Devil's Lake State Park (North Shore), Baraboo, WI.

Triathlons (Non-Wisconsin)

Life Time Fitness Triathlon - "Battle of The Sexes" with a $250,000 purse.  Women are given a slight head start (The Equalizer) in this battle of top male and female pro's.  Long Course - swim 1.5k - bike 40k - run 10k,  Short Course - .4 mile swim - 15 mile bike - 3 mile run. Mere mortals may also compete!   Location - Lake Nokomis in south Minneapolis. 

Ironman Hawaii

Half Ironman U.K.

Ironman Wisconsin

Ironman Florida   

Ironman New Zealand  

Ralphs Half Ironman California    

Ironman Australia                           

Half Ironman St. Croix        

Ironman Lanzarote Canarias          

Ironman Japan

Florida Half Ironman

Blackwater EagleMan Half Ironman

Buffalo Springs Lake Half Ironma

Ironman USA Coeur d'Alene

Ironman Austria

Ironman Germany

Ironman Switzerland

Ironman USA Lake Placid

Half Vineman Ironman

Ironman Canada

Ironman Korea

Marathons /More and Less 

(Local Events - Wisconsin)

The Fall 50 - A 50 mile road race in beautiful Door County, Wi.  Offers solo and 2 - 5 person teams.

The Mad City 100k - 100K (62 miles) road race in Madison, WI.  10 laps of a 10k course.       

Trailbreaker Marathon - A 40' tower the runner must climb in the middle of the course, helps to make this race ranked by Marathon and Beyond as one of North America's 25 toughest marathons. Miles 10 through 16 are extremely rugged. Course is mainly flat with the exception of the Ice Age Trail. A half-marathon and 5k are also offered. Waukesha, WI.

Crazylegs Classic - 8k run and 2 mile walk. Madison, WI.

Pine Line Marathon - Marathon, Relay, Half Marathon, and 5K. Medford, WI.

Lake Monona 20K Run - 20k run around Lake Monona. Monona / Madison, WI.

Ice Age Trail 50 - Two races. Long- Ice Age Trail 50 Mile Run. Short -  Light Ice 50 K Run. Held right here in La Grange, WI.

Journeys Marathon - One of the TOP 5 "Best Kept Marathon Secrets" according to Runner's World Magazine. Half-Marathon and 5k also. Eagle River, WI.

Lake Geneva Marathon/Relay/Walk/Euro - Beautiful marathon around the Lake. Very hilly! Also Euro Marathon, 25k, 10k and 5k. Special earlier start just for the Marathon Walk. Walking a marathon is a great challenge and it is nice to see a marathon cater to walking. 

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon - Full Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 5k Run/Walk. Great race, well run and relatively flat. Nice section along waterfront. Green Bay, WI.

Mad City Marathon - Marathon and 10k. Madison, WI.

Kettle Moraine 100 Endurance Runs - Two races. Short -100k (first 62 miles of the 100 mile course) and Long -100 mile trail run. Eagle, WI.

Walleye Run/Walk - 5 mile run, 3 mile walk, 2 mile run, kids 1 mile and 1/3 mile run. Fond du Lac, WI.

Fond du Lac Police Legal Run Around - Two races. 5K and kids 1/2 mile run. Fond du Lac, WI. 

Lake Street Run - 2 and 5 mile run along with 1/4 and 1/2 children's run in Elkhart Lake, WI.

Paavo Nurmi Marathon Run/Relay - Marathon and 2 and 5 person relay. Wisconsin's oldest Marathon. Challenging course. Hurley, WI.

Fox Cites Marathon - Appleton, WI.

Lake Front Marathon - Point to point course. Starts in Grafton, WI and finishes along the shores of Lake Michigan north of the Milwaukee Art Museum at Veterans Park.

(End of Wisconsin Events)

Grandma's Marathon - Duluth, Minnesota.

Leadville Trail Race - Leadville 100 Mile Run & Marathon. Leadville, CO.

Western States 100 - The Western States Endurance 100 Mile Run.  One of the oldest ultra trail events in the world and certainly one of the most challenging. 

New York Marathon - Beautiful way to see (on foot) all New York's five boroughs: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan. If you are slower than 3:00 hrs marathon (like me) you have to enter through lottery system - well worth the trouble! Finish in Central Park.

Chicago Marathon - Another great race. Tour Chicago on foot. Pancake flat, fast, and tons of spectators.

Boston Marathon  - Qualifying times

Marine Corps Marathon - Starts and ends at the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia.

Flying Pig Marathon - The third-largest first-time marathon in the country.  Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Big Sur Marathon - One of the most beautiful marathon courses in the world. Stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, largest rural marathon in the world. Big Sur, California.

Amsterdam Marathon

Paris Marathon

London Marathon

Dublin Marathon

Berlin Marathon

Athens Marathon - 135 mile race from Badwater in Death Valley (elev. 200 ft below sea level) to Whitney Portals on Mt. Whitney (elev. 8360 ft.). Complete this race and "The 508" ultracycle and become a member of the elite Death Valley Cup Finishers.

Adventure Races

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