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Forget FIT … Just GET NORMAL !

It is not normal to …    take pharmaceuticals to allow yourself to eat an overabundance of crappy food in order to give the appearance of normal vital signs

It is not normal to …     take pharmaceuticals to help you digest this overindulgence in food

It is not normal to …     take pharmaceuticals to sleep, relax and give you peace of mind

It is not normal to …     wake up tired and have no energy

It is not normal to …     look down and not be able to see your feet

It is not normal to …     not be able to bend over and tie your own shoes

It is not normal to …     have little or no real physical strength

It is not normal to …     not be able to comfortably climb a flight of stairs

It is not normal to …     not have vigor and zest for life

It is not normal to …     not have physical activities in your day

It is not normal to …     have daily aches and pains

It is not normal to …     have difficulties rising from a chair or exiting you vehicle

It is not normal to …     take no self-responsibility for your actions

It is not normal to …     use excuses for reasons

It is not normal to …     eat with compulsion instead of passion

It is not normal to…      eat continuously throughout the day and into the night

It is not normal to…      sit down or lie down most of your waking hours

DISCLAIMER: Before all the hate mail starts to flood in; please let me explain myself. I do believe that miracles of modern medicine and the drugs that they create help millions of people live a more “normal” life – especially those who through no fault of their own are living in constant state of pain and discomfort. And obviously we all have to work around our own mental and physical limitations. I am referring to those of us who have the gift of good health and abuse or lose it due to poor diet and lack of activity. Of course the beauty of this wonderful country we live in (the United States) allows each of us have the right to lead our lives the way we see fit (no pun intended).

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